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Dutch Regulators Products

Dutch Regulators Products

Dutch Regulators products include pressure regulators and back-pressure regulators in sizes from 1/4” up to 4” connections. Every Dutch Regulators product is fully tested according to the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC and the materials of all their parts are fully traceable by the marked batch-number. As Dutch Regulators suppliers, Fluid Controls can provide their entire range of products.

General Industrial – Threaded Regulators

Dutch Regulators general threaded regulators have been designed and developed to be used with compressions fittings in general industrial applications. These regulators are available as back-pressure regulators or regular pressure regulators. There are a number of different models that are available here at Fluid Controls, including the Stainless Steel Model GRT8 pressure regulator and the Model GBT8 Back-Pressure Regulators.

Threaded Regulators

General Industrial – Flanged Regulators

Dutch Regulators general flanged regulators have been developed to be used in conjunction with flanges in general industrial applications. Some of Dutch Regulators’ most popular general flanged regulators include the popular model GRF15 pressure regulators which are also available as spring-loaded pressure regulators. Whlie the GBF15 back-pressure regulator comes with design pressures up to 16, 50, 280 and 420 bar as well as a stainless steel body.

Flanged Regulators

Pharmaceutical regulators

As well as general regulators, Dutch Regulators can also supply pharmaceutical regulators. These regulators have the option of a large diaphragm, which provides accurate control in the ranges 0-1 and 0-3 bar. The seals and diaphragm of this regulator are made from EDPM FDA or USP VI for bigger quantities. They also come with an internal and external roughness between Ra 1.6 and Ra 0.8.

Pharmaceutical Regulators

Tank blanketing regulators

Dutch Regulators tank blanketing regulators have been built to be used with controlled pressures in the millibar range. These regulators have been developed to reduce the supply pressure on the inlet side to a controlled pressure on the outlet side. The regulator is made out of bar stock stainless steel material and has a leak-tight seat design.

Tank Blanketing Regulators

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