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Back pressure regulators

Pressure relief valve vs back pressure regulator

What is the difference between a pressure relief valve and a back pressure regulator? In this blog, Fluid Controls will outline the key features and benefits of each to help with your buying decisions.

What is a pressure relief valve?

A pressure relief valve is a safety feature that automatically opens when the pressure of the system gets too high. The valve opens, giving the pressure a release point, then closes when the levels return back to normal. It is the last safety mechanism to prevent any accidents or explosions in extremely high-pressure environments.What is a pressure relief valve

What is a back pressure regulator?

A back pressure regulator is a device used to accurately control the pressure of a system, through opening just as much as is needed to return to normal pressure levels. The back pressure regulator keeps a steady pressure flow and reacts to the levels of the system to keep good stability. We have a selection of back pressure regulators including spring loaded, dome loaded and piston style regulators from a range of suppliers.

What is a back pressure regulator

Back pressure regulator vs pressure relief valve

The main similarity between both is that their function is to control the level of pressure. The difference is how. The pressure relief valve is simply a safety mechanism that automatically opens or closes depending on the pressure and if it needs a release. The back pressure regulator however, is a continually moving application that has pressure sensors that react accordingly. It isn’t just a safety device, it’s a functioning part of the system.

As the leading suppliers of pressure control solutions, we are experts in this field. Our pressure relief valves are high-quality Parker products and our back pressure regulators come from a range of reputable suppliers. Talk to one of our team to discuss whether Veriflo, Burling or Thompson back pressure regulators are the best for your application. Contact Fluid Controls for more information by calling us on 0118 970 2060 or emailing fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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