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Parker SAE aluminium fittings

First look at Parker’s new products for 2017

After Parker’s successful 2016, this year is set to be another productive one for Parker. In our latest brand driven article, Fluid Controls gives you a look at some of Parker’s new product ranges for 2017, including their exceptional high-quality Parker Fittings and Parker Adapters. As we are partnered with Parker Fluid Controls can provide their full range of fittings, adapters and more.

New Parker Products for 2017

Parker’s new product range for 2017 boasts a large array of different seals, fittings and adapters that have been designed to the highest standards. Some of the new range includes Dual Seal Flange and K4 BSP Adapters, SAE Aluminium Fittings and Bite Type Fittings. All of which have been developed to maximise leak-free performance and service life; making them perfect for all of your fluid applications.

Parker Adapters – New for 2017

If you’re looking for a connection for any hydraulic, pneumatic or industrial applications, Parker can help you get the job done, with their large array of exceptional, reliable adapters.

Parker Adapters – Dual Seal Flange

Parker Adapters
Parker’s Dual Seal Flange Adapters have been designed to improve the accuracy of high-vibration, high-shock hydraulic four-bolt connections that are used in critical oil and gas applications. To reduce potential system leakage and air or water ingression, these Parker Adapters have incorporated both radial and face seal technologies. Some of the key benefits include an SAE Code 62 bolt pattern, which enables the use of standard flange hardware; NACE MR0175 compliance; and a traceable heat code.

Parker Adapters – K4 BSP

K4 BSP Parker Adapters
K4 BSP Parker Adapters are usually used on equipment designed as hose-adapters. These Parker Adapters have been manufactured in accordance with BS5200 standards and are constructed from a hot forged construction. The 60° internal seat of this adapter has been developed for sealing with BSP hose swivel connections, which are offered by many different manufacturers in the industry.

New Parker Fittings for 2017

Parker has a large selection of fittings across a range of materials which have been developed to meet the needs of your hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial, instrumentation, or mobile application. These fittings allow for higher productivity and increased efficiencies with the latest technology in leak-free connections.

Parker Fittings – SAE Aluminium

Parker Fittings
Parker SAE Aluminium Fittings have been developed to save weight, resist corrosion and conserve energy resources. These Parker Fittings are perfect for any applications that require reliable, light weight and corrosion-resistant components that can perform in a variety of environments. As the fittings are lightweight, they are ideal for use in mobile hydraulic systems, making system conversion simple with no need for redesign.

Parker Fittings – Ferulok Flareless Bite Type

Ferulok Flareless Bite Type Fittings
Ferulok Parker Fittings are flareless fittings that consist of a body, a one-piece ferrule and a nut. When you assemble these together, the ferrule “bites” into the outer surface of the tube with optimal strength to hold the tube against pressure and to seal the fluid. These Parker Fittings are especially suitable to be used with tube wall thicknesses, ranging from medium to extra heavy.

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