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Malema’s range of flow switches and excess flow valves are recognised by the leading certifying bodies around the world. Widely used in industries ranging from offshore to semiconductor, including harsh environments, Malema flow sensors are UL and Cenelec approved, as well as CE compliant. Available in a choice of materials, Malema’s flow control and measurement devices are suitable for almost all flow and monitoring applications.

Why choose Malema products?

Experienced in sensors, electronics and process instrumentation, Malema incorporates state-of-the-art technologies into every instrument. Utilising proven measurement techniques, clean room product assembly, and class 100 work surfaces, their products are designed for high accuracy, reliability and repeatability. All of Malema’s innovative products are also manufactured to conform to ISO 9001:2015.

Malema flow switches

Malema offers a full range of adjustable and fixed set point flow switches. Available in piston and paddle style working principles, our selection of Malema flow switches come in a variety of flow ranges, sizes and materials. Malema flow switches also provide a custom calibration option to suit your specific application. Malema flow switches offer a versatile flow measurement solution for a wide array of applications involving gases and liquids. 

Malema Flow Switches

M-100X Series Ex-Proof Adjustable Flow Switches

The M-100X Series is an extremely sensitive explosion-proof flow switch with an adjustable set point, which has been engineered to monitor vital sample flow parameters for instrumentation in process control and inert blanket gases. Ideal as an auxiliary alarm monitor for flow meters, the M-100X is suitable for filter plugging applications. Infinite adjustments permit the detection and signalling of very low fluid flows and detection in high flows.

Malema excess flow valves

Malema excess flow valves protect personnel, equipment and facilities in the event of catastrophic line breaks caused by earthquakes, accidents, landslides, corrosion or deliberate action. Not only do Malema excess flow valves reduce the risk of hazardous fluid spills and exposure, but they also help companies to avoid costly clean-ups and process downtime. Malema excess flow valves are chosen by manufacturers worldwide to control fluids.

Malema M-XF excess flow valves

M-VF Series Safety Excess Flow Valves

Malema has engineered its M-VF Series Safety Excess Flow Valves for fast automatic shut-off in case of line, hose, or fitting failure, As such, these excess flow valves can protect plant, personnel and instruments. Designed for systems that handle corrosive, toxic, radioactive, and flammable materials, the M-VF Series instantly detects surges in the system and stops fluid flow. The M-VF Series is suitable for use with all fluids, liquids and gases.

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