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An Introduction to Equilibar Pressure Regulators

Fluid Controls has a reputation for providing exceptionally high standard equipment to a variety of industries. Our stock of Equilibar pressure regulators function at a remarkable level and have provided ground-breaking inventions for the future of pressure regulators. Here you can find out more about the function of an Equilibar pressure regulator and seek advice on which series is best suited to your needs.

Who are Equilibar?

Equilibar is a renowned American pressure regulator manufacturer. Equilibar’s precision pressure controls are designed and manufactured in North Carolina and shipped worldwide to the most demanding clients, including NASA and Sony.

Each and every pressure regulator is hand assembled and pressure tested for quality assurance, before being meticulously reviewed by a senior applications engineer as a final guarantee of an Equilibar standard product.

Equilibar pressure regulator functions

The function of an Equilibar pressure regulator can vary dramatically, and each is tailor-made to the exact needs of the user. This results in a vast range of different pressure regulators being designed and produced, and Equilibar are one of the leading pressure regulator manufacturers across the world.

Precision back pressure regulator – GS Series

The Equilibar GS series back pressure valves offer stable pressure control for liquids, gases and mixed-phases. The 2-piece bar-stock body construction of the GS series valves comes in size ranging from ¼” to 1”.

The GS series back pressure valves are commonly used in fuel call testing and vacuum applications, amongst many others. There are two different trims available, which gives the GS series more versatility in industry.

  • GR Trim: greater efficiency for lower pressures.
  • NR Trim: more robust for higher pressures.

Ultra low pressure regulator – LPR2

Equilibar’s ultra low pressure regulator can control down to 0.3 in H2O (0.02 psig) and is carefully designed for static and very low flow applications. The LPR2 series can be used for air and inert gases and is extremely sensitive and stable.

This series of regulators has the lowest pressure range in its class. With a patent pending, the function of an Equilibar pressure regulator LPR2 design has expanded the control range to a level far lower than other commercially available regulators are able to reach. The LPR2 has two available options to choose from:

  • LPR2-NB: (no bleed) standard model with slow pressure reduction for use with
  • LPR2-B: (bleed orifice) adapted model with rapid pressure reductions and maximum stability for use with approximately 250 ml/min instrument air.

Electronic pressure regulator – QB Series

Equilibar’s QB Series electronic pressure regulator was purposely developed to accurately control the pressure of gaseous media proportional to an electric signal. The primary use of this series is for pressure up to 35bar and is commonly used as a pilot reference for an Equilibar back pressure regulator.

Often there are stringent requirements for accuracy and stability that conventional, spring-loaded regulators cannot meet, but the QB series Equilibar pressure regulator functions will allow you to reach your desired pressure within 0.25% of the set point. Equilibar’s QB regulator series makes falling, ramping and pulsing pressure profiles possible with its ability to track closely with its command signal. There are a wide range of options within the QB series; contact Fluid Controls’ experts for more information regarding the QB series electronic pressure regulator.

How to choose the correct Equilibar pressure regulator operation from Fluid Controls

Fluid Controls is one of the leading distributers for pressure control in the UK, so we understand that different industries have very precise needs. Fortunately, we have a team of exceptional, experienced engineers who specialise in the management and supply of industrial equipment to an extensive range of industries.

Our knowledge can provide you with the expert advice you need to determine exactly which Equilibar pressure regulator operation will be best suited to your existing operational set up. Fluid Controls not only delivers excellent products; our customer service is exemplary and we feel satisfied leaving our customers with persistently beaten expectations.

For more information about Equilibar pressure regulator functions, or for expert advice on which Equilibar pressure regulator operation would be best for your business, call 0118 970 2060, or email one of our technical team at fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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