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Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold

Introducing the Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold

Parker’s Pro-Bloc Manifold allows you to combine several valves within a single manifold, providing a one-piece solution that reduces leak paths and installation costs. In this blog, Fluid Controls explains the features and benefits of specifying a Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold for your application.

All of our double block and bleed valve manifolds are from the Parker range. Here, we concentrate specifically on the features and advantages of their exceptional Pro-Bloc Manifold.

What is a Pro-Bloc Valve Manifold?

The PB series Pro Bloc manifold range is designed to replace conventional multiple-valve installations currently in use for interface with pressure measuring systems. By combining customer specified valves into a single Parker valve manifold, the number of leak paths is considerably reduced and the mass of the system is lowered – reducing stresses from loading and vibration. The result of which substantially improves installation and operational safety factors, as well as providing healthy cost savings.

Not your average double block and bleed manifold

Extensive tests have proved that end connections locked with the Tru-Loc (PP) end connector locking mechanism give 100% security and prevent end connector movement when disconnecting instruments or connectors. This ensures that the Ball Seat is securely positioned at all times. Parker also offers single or twin ferrule compression fittings as an integral part of the outlet connection.

Installation of the instrument, which requires remote positioning, is interconnected using conventional tube and compression fittings. Avoiding NPT taper thread connections, wherever possible, though reduces contaminant risk. Parker, being a leading manufacturer of compression type fittings (which require no sealant mediums), can incorporate them in the outlet connection, totally eliminating the contamination risk.

Features and benefits of Parker valve manifolds

Here are some more key design features of this particular Parker valve manifold to consider:

  • A one-piece integral forging incorporating up to 3 ball valves or mixture of ball and needle design.
  • Improved safety: leak paths reduced by up to 60%.
  • Reduced costs: installation and component costs reduced by up to 70%.
  • Reduced weight: by up to 80%.
  • Reduced susceptibility to problems caused by vibration.

Find out more about our range of Parker Pro-Bloc Manifolds by speaking to a Fluid Controls adviser on +44(0) 1189 70 2060 or alternatively email us at fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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