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What is gas sampling and conditioning?

Here at Fluid Controls we supply a wide range of Gas Conditioning and Sampling products from respected manufacturers such as Perma Pure and ADI. In this blog, we give you an in-depth look at some of our most popular what gas sampling systems and equipment.

What is gas sampling?

Gas sampling is done to characterise the thermal, chemical and hydrological properties of a surface or subsurface hydrothermal system. Various methods are applied to obtain samples used for the determination of the composition of gases present in soils or hydrothermal discharges.

What is gas conditioning?

Gas conditioning systems enhance fuel gas quality by eliminating condensate, controlling the temperature, filtering particulates and regulating pressure. Untreated gas can cause premature combustion component distress, erosion of components and nozzle plugging.

Gas Sampling Equipment

As with any application, gas sampling requires the right equipment to ensure a safe and reliable process. Fluid Controls provides a number of innovative products from respected gas sampling and conditioning manufacturers, including Perma Pure and ADI, which are guaranteed to deliver precise and dependable results each and every time.

Gas Sampling Systems – Perma Pure Mini-GASS

Perma Pure’s Mini-GASS Gas Sampling System has a number of useful functions, including the ability to prepare hot gas sample streams for removing remove particle, high performance gas analysis, removing acid mists and water vapour from a gas stream, all without the loss of analytes. This system is ideal for process applications and continuous emissions monitoring. It has been designed to process highly corrosive and difficult samples, which include gas streams containing high levels of HCI, NOx, HF or SOx.

Gas Sampling Systems

Gas Sampling Pump – ADI Dia-Vac

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Gas Sampling Pumps that provide exceptional quality, reliability and affordability. Our complete line of ADI sampling pumps offer 100% oil-free, contamination free, corrosion resistant and leak free sampling. With our corrosion resistant diaphragm pumps, no oil, graphite or other potentially contaminating lubricants will come in contact with the gaseous stream. ADI’s reliable Dia-Vac pumps are exceptionally quiet at all pressures and in most applications. They can also be operated for extended periods without the need for maintenance.

Gas Sampling Pump
Speak to a Fluid Controls adviser today about our complete range of gas sampling products by calling +44 (0) 118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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