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Norgren airline filter regulators

Fundamentals of Airline Filter Regulators

Airline filter regulators are imperative to the smooth running of many components that impact a system’s operation, such as valves and cylinders. When air leaves a compressor it is wet, hot and dirty. This can badly damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment. Before the air can be recycled and reused it must be filtered, regulated and lubricated. In this article, Fluid Controls will discuss the features of a filter regulator and talk you through our range of Norgren air filter regulators.

Air filter regulator features

There are several features of a filter regulator, all as important as the last. The point of an airline filter, regulator, lubricator is to ensure that every component or process is receiving a clean and lubricated supply of compressed air. But, this must also be done at the correct pressure to achieve peak performance. It is stated that every 2-psi increase in operating pressure adds an additional 1% to compression energy cost. Therefore, unregulated or incorrect pressure settings can result in increased compressed air demand and consequently high energy consumption. This excess of pressure can also create equipment wear, causing a rise in maintenance costs and a limited application lifespan. Airline filter regulators maximise longevity and reliability, making them an essential component to many applications.

Norgren air filter regulators

At Fluid Controls, we supply two types of Norgren air filter regulators. A larger Olympian Plus Unit, or a smaller Excelon unit, each with their own special features to suit different kinds of applications.

  • The Olympian has a unique plug-in yoke system, with 1/4 turn release mechanism. It features a built- in safety feature to prevent incorrect installation and potential unsafe removal, saving time and money with the shortest downtime and lowest stocking cost of replacement parts. Metal bowls on the Olympian unit offers the greatest protection against contamination and contain an automatic drain valve for safe removal of contaminant.
  • The Excelon has a modular ‘Quickclamp’ system, allowing units to be quickly and easily removed without disturbing pipe work.

Norgren air filter regulators

Norgren air filter regulators take away the potential of parts going missing or being incorrectly fitted, by giving you one product, one part number, at one price. The unit is pre-assembled before despatch and also includes a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and an exhausting shut off valve for isolation of the upstream supply.

For more information on air filter regulator features, or to discuss our range of Norgren air filter regulators, contact Fluid Controls’ sales team today on 0118 980 2060. Find out about the operation of the airline filter regulator here with our helpful PDF.

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