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Difference between relieving and non relieving pressure regulators

What is the difference between a relieving and a non-relieving regulator?

In this blog, Fluid Controls discusses the difference between relieving and non-relieving pressure regulators and the advantages of both options.

The difference between a relieving and non-relieving regulator

When the pressure in a system becomes too high, a relieving regulator stops the flow of the pressure and opens a vent, which allows the pressure to escape. The vent stays open until the levels of pressure within the system return back to normal, then the regulator resets. It allows the excess downstream pressure to be released.

Whilst a relieving regulator allows the excess pressure to escape, a non-relieving regulator restricts the flow once the pressure increases but doesn’t release it, instead trapping it. This means that another mechanism is required to relieve the pressure elsewhere.

The difference between a relieving and non-relieving regulator is extremely important when considering the application the regulator will be used for.

Relieving vs non-relieving regulator

A positive of a relieving regulator is that it not only regulates the pressure, it also lets the excess escape. Because of this function, it means that instead of adding in a relief valve to your system to do this job, the self-relieving regulator will release the pressure by itself.

A non-relieving regulator is more suited to hazardous applications because it doesn’t release the excess pressure. When it traps the extra gases or air, it ensures that flammable, expensive or dangerous gases aren’t just released into the atmosphere, their release is instead controlled.

Fluid Controls’ relieving and non-relieving regulators

When it comes to understanding relieving vs non relieving regulators, in accordance to your particular application, our team are on hand to help. An example of non-relieving would be our Porter range of regulators whilst some of our products, like the J46 Spring Loaded Regulator from Thompson Valves, come with the option of relieving or non-relieving.

For more information regarding which one of our products would be best suited to you, talk to one of our technical experts today by calling 0118 970 2060, or email us with any questions at fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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