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Introducing our complete range of pressure regulators

Introducing our complete range of pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls we supply a large range of pressure regulators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We stock pressure regulators from the likes of Norgren, Thompson Valves, Dutch Regulators and Jordan Valve.

If you require a backpressure regulator, dome or air loaded regulator, blanketing or low-pressure regulator, or a sanitary regulator – Fluid Controls has the ideal solution for your application. Our range of Pressure Regulators from Parker Veriflo, Thompson Valves, Dutch Regulators and Jordan Valve offer the ideal solution. Whether you require threadless, spring-loaded or negative pressure regulators; we have the perfect product for you.

A selection of our best air pressure regulators

To help introduce you to our range of high quality pressure regulators, we thought we would introduce you to some of our partner pressure regulator manufacturers. We will give you a brief overview of each brand, as well as more details about some of their market leading products.

Norgren Pressure Regulators

Fluid Controls stocks an impressive range of Norgren pressure regulators. These regulators can be used for safety and/or cost, as having low system; pressures means there is less risk and lower running costs. We have access to a range of different pressure regulators from Norgren, including general-purpose units, which cover every day industrial applications. We also have access to a range of more specialised precision and large capacity pilot operated versions.

R72G, R72R – Excelon Modular System Pressure Regulators

Excelon Modular System Pressure Regulators
Features and benefits

  • Balanced valve design for optimum pressure control.
  • Excelon design allows in-line or modular installation.
  • Push to lock adjusting knob with tamper resistant accessory.

Jordan Valve Pressure Regulators

Jordan Valve created the Steriflow Valve division because of its success with Steriflow Regulators. Their regulators are perfect for Biopharm applications because of the exact design standards and surface finish requirements. One Steriflow regular, The Mark 95 Series Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator, is designed to regulate upstream pressure to prevent overpressure situations from occurring, which could damage valuable equipment or disturb the process itself such as when downstream demand reduces or stops. We have full access to all of Jordan Valve’s pressure regulators.

Features and benefits

  • Available with DIN &I ISO tri-clamp.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Long service life.
  • FDA and USP Class VI approval.

Dutch Regulators Pressure Regulators

Fluid Controls is the sole UK distributor for Netherlands based regulator experts, Dutch Regulators. We can now offer you the full range of premium quality stainless steel Dutch Regulators pressure regulators for gas and liquid applications, bringing you the benefit of their many years of engineering and design experience in the regulator field. The GRT8S spring-loaded pressure regulator reduces the supply pressure on the inlet side to a controlled pressure on the outlet side. This pressure regulator is suitable for gases and liquids. Made from barstock stainless steel, the GRT8S has a seat diameter of 2.5mm and is suitable for inlet pressure of between 420 to 700 bar max. As we’re partnered with Dutch Regulators, we can provide their full range.

GRT8S Spring-loaded Pressure Regulator

Dutch Regulators Pressure Regulator
Features and benefits

  • Leak-tight seat design.
  • All parts cleaned and degreased.
  • All regulators tested before delivery.
  • Design pressure of 420 or 700 bar.

Porter Pressure Regulators

Parker’s Porter Instrument Division is a leading manufacturer of specialised control components for analytical, industrial and medical applications. Their unique range of control devices include Porter pressure regulators, which are recognised as the industry standard for critical analytical instrument applications. Porter’s 8310 and 8311 models are used for precision gas pressure control and regulate flow rates from one SCCM up to three SPLM. These unique regulators incorporate a threadless valve seat assembly with a precision glass ball and are ideal for very low flow applications.

Porter 8310 and 8311 Pressure Regulators

Porter Pressure Regulator
Features and benefits

  • Direct acting.
  • Non-relieving.
  • Pressure gauge connection.
  • Compact design.

Burkert Pressure Regulators

With Burkert’s vast experience in fluid control, they know a thing or two about regulating water. Their Type TFU006 Burkert Pressure regulator for water is a perfect example of this experience. The regulator itself consists of a housing, a piston or diaphragm valve with an adjustable spring and a spring cap. The pressure regulator is available in four different versions, the first two having brass housing and the other two versions are stainless steel and plastic retrospectively.

Type TFU006 – Pressure regulator for water

Pressure regulator for water
Features and benefits

  • Brass version with DVGW and international drinking water approvals.
  • Stainless steel version with DVGW approval.
  • Manometer port at pressure output.

Proportion-Air Pressure Regulators

Proportion-Air designs and manufactures a variety of different pressure regulators. These pressure regulators are available for a number of different applications including low pressure, high flow, ultra-high resolution and intrinsically safe. Proportion Air’s Pro-Air Mizer is a Regulator that is used to control air pressure efficiently from a compressor. The Pro-Air Mizer maintains header pressure at the setting commanded regardless of demands of users downstream. The Pro-Air Mizer also allows you to monitor pressure in the header at all time with a visual display with the optional signal for a remote display available.

Proportion Air Pro-Air Mizer

Pro-Air Mizer Pressure Regulator
Features and benefits

  • Simple to use.
  • Easy installation process.
  • No maintenance required.

Veriflo Pressure Regulators

Veriflo is a division in liquid and gas leaders, Parker. Veriflo offer a wide range of pressure regulators, including their ABP Series of Back Pressure Regulators. Their versatile design allows this series of Pressure Regulators to be used for the control of inlet, upstream or backpressure in an instrument or analyser system. The materials of construction of this regulator make it suitable for application where corrosive media and or environments are present.

Veriflo Back Pressure Regulators

Veriflo Back Pressure Regulators
Features and benefits

  • Convoluted diaphragm provides outlet pressure stability with changes in flow.
  • Integral diaphragm stop provides an additional safety measure.
  • Meets NACE Standard MR0175.


Burling Valve Pressure Regulators

Burling Valve offers three main different products lines that we can provide. They manufacture miniature safety regulators, electronic regulators and process regulators. All of these products combine to provide an accurate and durable fluid power regulation solution, which can be easily customized to each application.

Air Loading Pilot Pressure Regulators

Burling Valve Pressure Regulators
Features and benefits

  • Extremely fast response time
  • High turndown ratio
  • Engineering for specific applications
  • In-line maintenance

Speak to a Fluid Controls adviser today about all your Pressure Regulator requirements by calling +44 (0) 118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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