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Variable Area Flow Meters

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Variable Area Flow Meters from Porter. Our range of Porter flow meters include 65mm and 150mm tube assemblies, which are available in either forged body or side plate construction. Porter flow meters can be modified to meet the particular needs of OEM’s. We can also supply Porter’s range of glass tubes, to meet specific size, scale and flow requirements.

Porter Variable Area Flowmeters

Porter Variable Area Flow Meters include 65mm and 150mm scale length tube assemblies and are available in either forged body or side-plate construction. Forged body models feature a wrap-around window for full 180° tube visibility, and an attractive forged one-piece black anodised aluminium
body. Side-plate constructed models are conveniently interchangeable with competitive designs.

Porter Control Valves, including the exclusive Torque Guard Cartridge, can be added to either style flowmeter for precise flow indication and control in one economical unit. Multi-tube side-plate models, ranging from two to six tubes, are available with or without controls valves and can include individual inlet and outlet connections or manifold ports according to your specifications.

Porter Side Plate Flow Meters

The Porter Models 65 and 150 Side Plate Flow Meters combine a traditional body style with innovative design features. They are available with aluminium, brass or 316 stainless steel wetted parts. Multi-tube (2 to 6 tube) versions are available with optional valves and manifold inlet/outlet ports. These Flowmeters are available in multi-tube configurations up to six tubes. All valve options are available, and the inlet/outlet ports can be manifolded.

Porter Forged Body Flow Meters

The Porter Models F65 and F150 Forged Body Flow Meters feature a compact, one-piece, black anodised forged aluminium body with wraparound window for full 180º visibility of the flow tube. These units are available with aluminium, brass or 316 stainless steel wetted parts.

Porter Custom Flow Tubes

Porter Custom Flow Tubes are used in applications as diverse as water treatment equipment and specialised devices for testing rail car air brakes. For applications that demand accuracy and flexibility, Porter Flow Tubes are the solution. Tubes can be configured for special length and diameter requirements, provide multiple tapers to increase range, and supply a variety of float and scale options.

Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flowmeters

Porter's variable area flowmeters include 65mm and 150mm tube assemblies and are available in either forged body or side plate construction. Porter flowmeters can be modified to meet particlur needs of OEM's. Porter can also supply glass tubes to meet specific size, scale and flow requirement.

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