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High Purity Fittings

At Fluid Controls, we offer a wide range of high purity fittings including a selection of high purity pipe fittings and tubing. As proud Parker distributors, we supply their comprehensive Parker Vacuseal™ range, which includes UHP mini butt weld and face seal high purity fittings. Alongside this, we also supply Valex UHP tubing, weld fittings and coax dual containment tube and fittings for critical small bore and bulk gas applications.

High purity fittings

Valex weld fittings

Valex produces the most respected tubing, fittings and total containment components used in today’s ultra-high purity gas delivery systems. Valex weld fittings have been long-established as the components of choice by producers of semiconductors, and manufacturers of semiconductor equipment.

Face seal fittings

Parker Vacuseal™ UHP fittings are designed as leak-free components for critical applications where ultra-high pure conditions are required. VacuSeal™ vacuum fittings, with their mating gasket and toroid design, provide a metal-to-metal seal with leak-free service from vacuum to positive pressure.

Automatic butt weld fittings

Parker Butt weld fittings are designed for applications requiring the reliability of a welded tubing system. They were developed specifically for installation using automatic, orbital TIG (Tungsten/Inert Gas) welding equipment. These high purity pipe fittings offer the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to fabricate welded systems. Automatic butt weld fittings are available in 316, and 316L stainless steel in straight unions, tees, 90° elbows and crosses. Automatic butt weld ends are also available with male pipe and compression tube connections.

Ultra-seal fittings

The Ultra-seal coupling is designed to affect a helium leak-tight seal when the face of the gland makes full metal-to-metal contact with the face of the body, compressing the O-ring in the body groove. Ultra-seal components are available in standard 316L, 316L VAR, 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel and can be supplied with extremely low Ra internal surface finishes to meet the requirements of ultra-high purity tubing systems.

Mini butt weld fittings

Parker Vacuseal™ UHP fittings are designed as leak-free components for ultra-high purity applications. Mini butt weld fittings provide compact, ultra-high purity solutions for use with orbital weld equipment. Their unique machining and surface enhancement prevent outgassing and inhibit corrosion.

For more information on high purity fittings, or to purchase Parker Vacuseal™ or Valex weld fittings, call Fluid Controls today on +44(0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

Parker Vacuseal™ butt weld fittings

Parker VacuSeal Butt Weld Fittings

For applications requiring ultra-high purity conditions, Parker VacuSeal butt weld fittings offer guaranteed leak-free performance. UHP mini butt weld fittings from Parker are metal-to-metal sealing solutions with leak-free service from vacuum to positive pressure. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, Parker VacuSeal ultra-high purity fittings are ideally suited for process control or fluid and gas handling applications. High purity mini butt...
High Purity Fittings

Valex Weld Fittings

Valex are market leaders in ultra-high purity gas delivery systems and specialise in piping products. For decades they have been developing innovative fittings and tubing products to meet their customers’ needs and have a global presence, with factories in the USA, Korea, and China. Valex fittings have been fine-tuned to consistently deliver quality and reliability while maintaining value. Valex provide high-grade stainless steel tubing, pipe...
Ultra seal fittings from Parker Veriflo

Ultra seal fittings from Parker Veriflo

Ultra Seal fittings from Parker Veriflo are renowned for their efficiency and robust design. Each and every one comes equipped with a range of high-performance glands, bodies, tees, unions and elbows. Their unique design is completely leak-tight and features a gland that makes full metal to metal contact possible. Parker Veriflo ultra seal fittings are constructed from only the most durable materials, including 316L, 316L VAR, and 316L VIM/VAR...
Face seal buttweld fittings from Parker Veriflo

Buttweld fittings from Parker Veriflo

At Fluid Controls, we provide an extensive range of face seal fittings from Parker Veriflo. Each and every product is leak and water-resistant and features a metal-to-metal design that makes them suitable for a wide range of applications across many industries. Parker Buttweld fittings are designed for situations that require a supremely reliable welded tubing system. Only the finest stainless steel is used when creating these components, to ensure...
Automatic Buttweld Fittings

Automatic Buttweld Fittings

Designed for application requiring the reliability of a welded tubing systems Range of straight unions, tees, 90° elbows, and crosses
Mini Buttweld Fittings

Mini Buttweld Fittings

Provide compact ultra-high pure designs for use with orbital weld equipment Range of reducers, tees, elbows and crosses

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