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Gas Detection

High-risk facilities in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, metals and wastewater treatment industries are ever-growing. This results in a demand for better performance and cost reduction, yet higher plant safety from the use of gas detection systems. At Fluid Controls, we supply a range of gas detection equipment, ranging from open-path gas detectors to plug-in magnetic detection sensors.

Sensidyne Point Gas Detection

Sensidyne provide robust and reliable instrumentation for the detection of toxic and combustible gases. The plug-in SensAlert® from Sensidyne automatically configures the system for the gas type, range, engineering units and alarm levels. With active temperature compensation, the sensors are virtually drift-free, and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Additional advantages of the SensAlert® include:

  • Advanced single point gas detection system
  • 1 or 2 double-flash strobes, horn and reset
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Percent remainingsSensor life
  • Auto-recognition and configuration
  • Uploads gas application data / alarms
  • Time-stamped alarm and calibration data

SensAlert® Sensidyne

Senscient ELDS™

The ELDS, or Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy, is a patented open-path gas detection technology from Senscient. They provide reliable, sensitive detection of both flammable and toxic gases at low ppm concentrations. Senscient’s ELDS open-path gas detector offers three orders of magnitude in increased sensitivity for hydrocarbons.

Additional advantages of Senscient ELDSTM open path toxic gas detectors include:

  • No unwanted alarms from interference gases, as Senscient’s ELDS open-path gas detector devices are gas specific.
  • No ongoing costs for test gases or the need to replace expensive sensing elements.
  • Increased safety with a faster speed of response than conventional electrochemical or semiconductor, point detectors.
  • Increased safety and faster shut down with up to 1000 times greater sensitivity than conventional IR based flammable gas detection devices.

Senscient ELDS open-path gas detectors

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Senscient ELDS

Senscient ELDS™

ELDS (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy) is a patented, new open path gas detection technology from Senscient. They provide reliable, sensitive detection of both flamable and toxic gaes at low ppm concentrations. Offer three order of magnitude in increased sensitivity for hydrocarbons.
Sensidyne Point Gas Detection

Sensidyne Point Gas Detection

Sensidyne provide robust and reliable instrumentation for the detecting of toxic, combustible and oxygen.

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