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Flow Restrictors

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Mott Flow Restrictors. Mott precision porous metal flow restrictors are reliable, cost-effective replacements for mass flow controllers, orifices, capillaries, or micro-metering valves. Product designers can be assured of a constant gas flow at a given gas pressure without having to worry about clogging and without having to design for wide variations in flow.

Mott Flow Restrictors

When compared to a drilled orifice, Mott gas flow restrictors channel through thousands of pores instead of just one, reducing gas exit velocity and resulting in a more laminar flow. In addition, because the gases move through the myriad of pores, porous metal flow restrictors are virtually impervious to erosion or wear, retaining the original calibration almost indefinitely. Featuring Mott’s unique porous metal media developed specifically for semiconductor manufacturing, Mott Flow Restrictors provide compact, long-lasting flow control coupled with:

Mott Flow Restrictors

Porous metal flow restrictors

A porous metal flow restrictor is, in effect, a multiple orifice device with many very small holes, creating a vast number of random pathways. Typically, a Mott porous metal restrictor has a porous surface area 500 times that of an equivalent orifice. Mott flow restrictors also offer the following benefits:

Less friction, longer life – Mott flow restrictors channel gas through hundreds of pores instead of just one, reducing gas exit velocity. Because gas and particulate move slower through the element, porous metal flow restrictors incur less wear, and last longer.

Repeatable performance – As gas and particulate erode and enlarge an orifice, flow increases in proportion to the square of the increase in size. Mott porous metal resists such physical change because of the lower velocities and virtual absence of erosion, resulting in more consistent, reliable flow restriction.

Clog-free operation – A single grain of foreign matter can easily clog an orifice. Mott media, on the other hand, can tolerate a significant build-up of particulate before flow is affected – the low gas velocity and high media surface area enable gas to find its way around

Greater corrosion resistance – Mott offers a wide variety of metals and alloys to accommodate special needs, such as corrosion resistance. Standard construction consists of stainless steel but Mott flow restrictors can also be made from Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Alloy 20, nickel, gold, silver and titanium.

About Mott

Mott is a high precision filtration and flow control company trusted by the world’s best known technical and performance brands. Mott customise every product to meet precise specifications, using highly agile culture with nearly 60 years of experience to our advantage.

Flow Restrictors

Mott Flow Restrictors

Mott flow restrictors provide compact, long-lasting flow control for the industrial and semiconductor markets coupled with: A cost-effective design Fixed, tamper-proof performance Clog-free performance, with laminar flow

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