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Water Regulators

Keep it clean with Bürkert’s water pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a large range of pressure regulators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry: Bürkert. One of their most reliable products is their top of the range Type TFU006 Bürkert water pressure regulator. In this blog, we will look further into this reliable water regulator range, which is available from Fluid Controls.

Bürkert Water Pressure Regulators

Bürkert’s Type TFU006 is a water pressure that works on the principle of pressure reduction. This water pressure regulator is perfect for use in provided water systems and consists of a housing, a piston or diaphragm valve with an adjustable spring, and a spring cap. This pressure regulator is available in four different versions, which we will explore further here.

Bürkert Brass Pressure Regulator – Type TFU006

The first two versions of Bürkert’s Type TFU006 regulator are made from brass. Both of these brass regulators have DIN DVGW international drinking water approvals, as well as single seat valve types. Showing their reliability, both of these brass regulators have DIN DVGW international drinking water approvals as well as single seat valve types. With technical specifications of an impressive inlet pressure of 25 bar1) and a Noise class II of < 30, these are top of the range regulators that can be relied upon.

Bürkert Water Pressure Regulator
Bürkert Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator – Type TFU006

A third DIN DVGW approved version of Bürkert’s Type TFU006 Water Regulator is available with a stainless steel body. This version has an impressive outlet pressure of 1,5-6 bar1 and an inlet pressure of 25 bar1 making it perfect for any regulator application. The valve type for this regulator is a single seat valve, relieved and its mounting place if possible is directly behind the counter.

Water Regulators

Bürkert Plastic Pressure Regulator – Type TFU006

The fourth and final version of Bürkert’s Type TFU006 is a plastic housing model, comprising of a technopolymer body material, with union connections of G1/8″ and G1/4″. This regulator’s medium temperature of max +50 °C, inlet pressure of max. 13 bar and brass threaded port make it perfect for many applications.

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