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Filter Regulators

At Fluid Controls, we have a selection of filter regulators from both reputable brands Norgren and Parker. More specifically we stock the Norgren Filter Regulators Airline (FRL) and the Parker FRLs Filter Regulators.

Parker FRL

We offer a range of Parker FRL’s, so that you can specify what filter regulator would be an exact fit for your system. Our technical team at Fluid Controls can help you make an informed decision on what Parker FRL would be most suitable for you. For more information, download the catalogue on Parker stainless steel FRL’s, which highlights the technical specifications and features of each filter regulator in the range.

Parker FRL

Norgren Filter Regulator Lubricator

This Norgren FRL boxset, or the filter regulator and lubricator boxset, comes as a pre assembled products, for ease of installation and the prevention of missing parts or incorrect assembly. This Norgren filter regulator lubricator comes in two options, so you can decide which filter regulator works more specifically for your application. The options are the larger Olympian Plus unit, or the smaller Excelon unit. For more information on what box set would best fit your requirements, talk to one of our team at Fluid Controls.

Norgren Filter Regulator Lubricator

Contact Fluid Controls today to speak to one of our technical experts about the filter regulator options we have for you. Call us today on 0118 970 2060 or email us at fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

maxseal filter regulators

Maxseal Filter Regulators

Maxseal filter regulators are a high-quality range of stainless steel filter regulators. In association with IMI Norgren, Maxseal produce efficient and durable products that are long-lasting and durable. At Fluid Controls, we supply a wide variety of filter regulators including the Maxseal IFR3 and IFR4. Maxseal filter regulators provide accurate control of downstream pressure, whilst guaranteeing water and particulate removal. Filter regulators...
Parker FRLs Filter Regulators

Parker Filter Regulators (FRLs)

Fluid Controls stocks a large range of Parker filter regulators, which are used across many industries, including the Process and Energy industries. Their range includes a selection of air-line, pressure high flow and single phase regulators. These parker pressure regulators are built to the highest of quality standards with an assortment of variations that allow them to perform multiple functions. Miniature Filter Regulator – B34 SERIES Parker’s...
Norgren Filter Regulators Airline (FRL)

Norgren Filter Regulators Airline (FRL)

The Norgren 'box set' concept takes away that potential of parts being missing or incorrectly fitting, by giving you one product, one part number, at one price. The unit is pre-assembled before despatch and also includes a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and an exhausting shut off valve for isolation of the upstream supply. There are two choices, either a larger Olympian Plus Unit, or the smaller Excelon unit, each with their own special...

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